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A Houston police officer, D.H. Escobar, wrote in the charging documents that he had found Mr. Schultz, who was identified in the report only by his initials, to be “credible and reliable.” The officer said that he had met with a therapist Mr. Schultz consulted in 2010, and that her notes were consistent with what Mr. Schultz had told the police. The officer said that he had also reviewed medical records which showed that Mr. Schultz had sought medical attention “as a result of the sexual assault” on June 1, 2010. For Ms. Steyerl, today’s onslaught of memes and copies, selfies and death threats, is the natural expression of a society whose politics takes place through images. Consider so-called deepfakes, increasingly sophisticated manipulations of video that, some immoderate columnists wheeze, have the potential to “destroy democracy.” Here, too, artists have political analysts beat by years — at the 2015 New Museum Triennial, Josh Kline used face-substitution video technologies to rewrite Barack Obama’s inaugural address — but really, how could anyone still think that doctored videos have to become more convincing before anyone buys them?

[Speaking at the same conference, Hillary Clinton voiced skepticism of a wealth tax.] For instance, a basket maker might start with a woven tessellation of hexagons. Swapping out one hexagon for a polygon with fewer sides — a pentagon, say — introduces a singularity and generates positive curvature, like the outer curve of a doughnut. Swapping in a polygon with more sides, such as an octagon, generates negative curvature, like a doughnut’s interior. The trick is intuiting, based on the desired structure, where in the weave to place this singularity, and what type of singularity it should be.

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Younger voters and those disillusioned with traditional politicians have channeled their anger into supporting the quirky, social media-based campaign of Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian without political experience who plays the president in a popular television show. A team of intelligence officials will report to Ms. Pierson, who will serve as the principal adviser to Mr. Coats on election security and threats.

A relative of mine is considering a financial move I believe is a major mistake. His only financial asset is his home, and he plans to put it on the market with the intention of repurchasing it when, in his words, “real estate crashes next year” in Los Angeles. In the interim, he will rent a similar home for a cost comparable to his monthly mortgage payment. Rose, a former Most Valuable Player Award winner, committed to a two-year deal. His career has been marred by injuries, but he experienced a sort of renaissance last season with the Timberwolves, including a memorable 50-point game against the Jazz. He’ll be joining a Pistons team fronted by Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson.

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Log In— Dana Mormando, Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC Rob Grover, a Democrat who ran for the Wisconsin Assembly last year, said he was surprised when a flier paid for by the Wisconsin Republican Party arrived in local mailboxes suggesting he wanted to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Mr. Grover, who describes himself as conservative on immigration issues, said he had never expressed such a view. He lost his race in western Wisconsin.